Grave Relocation Request to AAFA

This form allows you request the relocation of an existing entry in the AAFA Cemetery Database to a different cemetery.

To submit a relocation request you will need to enter the reference number of the grave record to be relocated. For example, on the Mississippi Cemeteries page of the website, you will find that the interment of Dewey Earl Alford in Greenlawn Memorial Cemetery in Adams County, Mississippi is reference number 001322. The reference number remains the same for any given grave, even when the webpage is revised. In the reference number field below, you may omit the leading zeroes of the reference number. So to submit a revision to the record of Dewey Earl Alford, you may enter either 001322 or just 1322.

When you complete the form and click the "Submit" button at the bottom, the information will be emailed directly to the AAFA Data Manager. The AAFA Data Manager will review the data, post your submission to the Interments Database and to the AAFA Cemetery data on this website. You will be advised by return email when the data has been added to the database, and when it has been posted to the appropriate State data on the AAFA website.

You may open the AAFA Cemetery web page by clicking here. The Cemetery page will open in a separate window, leaving this form intact.

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Select the State in which the intement you wish to relocate is currently listed on the AAFA website, then enter the reference number as it appears in the AAFA cemetery listing. If you need to refer to the AAFA Cemetery Data, please click here (add link). Don't worry, the Cemetery Data will open in a new window, and this form with any data you have entered will still be here.

Select State           Enter the AAFA Reference Number:

Relocate the reference grave to:

Enter the State (two letter postal abbreviation) to which the grave should be moved. Leave blank if the State is the same.

Enter the County to which the grave should be relocated. Leave blank if the County is the same.

Enter the name of the cemetery to which the grave should be relocated. Leave blank if the cemetery name is the same.

Click the send button to email your data to the Data Manager.