Ahnentafel of

Thalassa Hencken, AAFA #0330


1.  Thalassa Hencken born 1909, died Jun 11 1997.  She was a twin.




2.  Hugh Hencken occupation Archaeologist, married 3. Thalassa Cruso, occupation Archaeologist.


Grand Parents


6.  Son Cruso


Great Grand Parents


12.  Henry Edmund Tilsley Cruso married 13. Frances Mary Alford, born about 1849, England, died 1905, England.


Great Great Grand Parents


26.  Henry Alford born Oct  7 1810, London, England, married 27. Frances Oke Alford, born 1811, England, died 1878, Kensington Place, England.  Henry died Jan 12 1871, England, buried: St. Martin's, Cantebury, England.  Dean of Canterbury.


3rd Great Grand Parents


52.  Henry Alford born Dec  3 1782, Curry Rivel, Somerset County, England, married (1) 1809, 53.Sarah Eliza Paget, born England, died 1811, England, married (2) 1831, Susannah Barber, born about 1797, died May 31 1869, buried: Curry Rivel, Somerset County, England.  Henry died Sep 23 1852, Tunbridge, England, buried: Curry Rivel, Somerset County, England.  Rector of Aston Sanford


54.  Samuel Alford born 1776, baptized: Mar 25 1776, Curry Rivel, Somerset County, England, married 1802, 55. Rebecca Shute.  Samuel died 1854, Curry Rivel, Somerset County, England.  Vicar of Muchelney.  He inherited the Heale Estate on the death of his father and lived at Heale House.


4th Great Grand Parents


104.  Samuel Alford born Jan 2 1747, England, married 105. Mary Bush.  Samuel died 1799.  "Of Heale House" Vicar of Curry Rivel; Dean of St. Burian


108.  Samuel Alford (see same person above) born Jan 2 1747, England, married 109.Mary Bush.  Samuel died 1799.


5th Great Grand Parents


208.  Thomas Alford born Jun 15 1703, England, married 209. Mary Standfast.  Thomas died 1777, England.  Thomas was Vicar of Weston Zoyland, and of Ashill; Prebendary of Wells.


6th Great Grand Parents


416.  Thomas Alford born Dec 12 1672, England, married 417. Frances Powell, born Heale.  Thomas died 1708, England.  Thomas was the Vicar of Curry Rivel.


7th Great Grand Parents


832.  Richard Alford born Oct 9 1641, Weston Zoyland, Somerset, England, married 833. Letitia Kaysar.  Richard died 1693, England.


8th Great Grand Parents


1664. Thomas Alford born Sep 12 1599, Weston Zoyland, Somerset, England, married (1) Alice Sealey, died 1633, married (2) 1665. Mary Somers.  Thomas died Jul 1666, Weston Zoyland, Somerset, England.


9th Great Grand Parents


3328. Matthew Alford born 1567, Weston Zoyland, Somerset, married 3329. Mary Trevillian, born about 1575.  Matthew died Apr 1639, England.


10th Great Grand Parents


6656.  Henry Alford born about 1540, of Weston Zoyland, England, married 6657. Julian Woodroffe, born about 1545, England.  Henry died about 1575, Weston Zoyland, Somerset, England.