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THOMAS ALFORD b. about 1598 England

This is a work in progress.

Thomas Alford married Joan Hawkins May 11 1618 and they had Benedict, Alexander and Joanna.  All three children came to New England in the late 1630s.  Alexander and his descendants are generally known as ALVORDS and Benedict and his descendants as ALFORDS.  That is not hard and fast in either case and one of the early genealogists who worked on this family said the name corruption probably came through ignorance.

According to the Alvord book listed below Thomas was the grandson of Rev. Alexander & Agnes Alford who was born about 1500-1520.  They had four sons, William, John, Bartholomew and Salamon, but it is not known which of the sons was the father of Thomas.  Rev. Alexander was the son of a John Alford of Whitestaunton b. about 1475-85.  All of the folks mentioned in the subordinate pages can trace there ancestry back to these folks.

This page will be the gate to three different areas:


    A genealogy of The Descendants of Alexander Alvord an Early Settler of Windsor Conn. and Northampton, Mass." Compiled by Samuel Morgan Alvord and published 1908 by A.D. Andrews, Webster, N.Y. We will not include the actual 1908 genealogy. We will include the 1908 pages that precede the genealogy and the AAFA Alvord Genealogy.  This work begins with the information in the book mentioned above and extends and expands the work based on information that has become available in the 100 years since the book was published.


    Benedict Alford Genealogy based on data collected from folks all over the country for the past 30 years.  Some of the early information came from the book listed below. This is a December 2011 update and three generations of about 300 descendants were truncated in an effort to protect the privacy of the living.


The Burke and Alvord Memorial.  This book was published in Boston in 1864 and was the forerunner of the Alvord book mentioned above.  It contains some Alvord as well as Benedict (called Alvord) genealogy.

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