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Corrington Loyal Alford

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In several places throughout his work Dr. Corrington tells us that the work is imperfect, partial, and has many errors. Please do not read and take as valid any of his work unless it is obvious that it has been validated.

Corrington Loyal Alford, born April 29 1836 son of Loyal Adolphus Alford and Elizabeth P. Butler was one of the best known Alfords ever. In the late 1800's he took it upon himself to create as complete a file as possible on the Alford family. He sent, or had sent, letters and forms to every Alford known to him to live in the United States. These pages are about that work. Corrington died Oct 7 1908.

There were several similar efforts over the years and those known are listed below:
The Alford American Family Association (AAFA) nor any of its members should be considered the ultimate authority on the subject of Alford. As far as we know there is no such thing. It is true however that AAFA is the current and latest with an interest in Alford and it has at its disposal more resources than have ever been available to a similar group.

This effort or project, as we are calling it, is not an end product and none is planned for Alford. It is merely an effort or vehicle to help us to better understand the work of Corrington L. Alford and to correlate it with the work of others.

Here is some information shared with some of the AAFA leadership as this project began.
Perhaps the most significant part of the collection is the genealogical reports he wrote based on the results of these letters. His hand written work was organized into ten sections and were transcribed about a 100 years after his death by his great great granddaughter Carol J. Benedict.

The following table lists the ten sections, identified as he did, of his basic genealogical work. When the "section" appears as a link, click to see Corrington's work. It may, or may not have been annotated by AAFA and that should be obvious. Remember that Corrington advised us that his collection was incomplete and sometimes wrong. When one of the "subjects" appears as a highlight, click to see the latest AAFA discussion regarding what Corrington has on the subject.

There are or will be numerous cases where we need to provide you with a page on the website that will related to a piece of Corrington's work. That will be so stated in the applicable AAFA annotations and a link or cross-reference provided at the bottom of this page. This will not include names which will be covered in the Registry of Names in the table following the one below.

Corrington's Section Outline

Section Pages   Subjects (not all inclusive but we have tried to include each family head and head of a group of related families)
First 10   A-1 Alfred the Great, M-1 Micheal Alford, H-1 Henry Alford, W-1 William Alford, J-1 John, B-1 Benjamin Franklin, M-2 Michael, T-1 Thomas, J-2 John,
Second 6   William, John, Benjamin, John
Part 1 12 pages
Part 2 29 pages
41   Nathaniel, Elijah, Levi, Nathaniel, Benedictus, Jeremiah, Josiah, Arba, Jonathan, Jeremiah, Benedictus, B-2 Bartholomew Woodcock, George, Benedict, Ruben
Summary Remarks
on Section 4

11   Benedict, John, John Lambert, James R., Fielding, James, Franklin, George W., James M.
Fifth 8   James, Henry, James, Robert, George W. James M.
Sixth 3   Alexander, Samuel, B-2 Bartholomew Woodcock,
Seventh 4   Benedict, Amnui, Albert G.
Short (not numbered)
Commentary Upon
Sections Eight and Nine
2   Jeremy Alvord, Mitchel Cary, Enoch L.
Eighth 23   George, Herman, George C., John Mallory, Ethan Allen, Johnson Hulbert, George C., ulbert Mallory, George Frederick, Albert Hulburt, A.N.,
Nineth 14   Oliver, Oliver Jr., Marshall, Oliver, Ambrose, George F.
South Lands
24   James William Zion, Kinchen, John Rogers, James Wooten, Loderwick, Green, Green Haywood, Green Benton, James Bryant, Henry Madison. William Gaston,
  Edward H., Warren, Benjamin W., James & Judy, Loderwick P., Gutridge, Littleburg, James, Drewry, Loderwick, Drewry Cade, A.N., Jacob, James, Jacob,
  Nathan T. Wildy, William H., John, John T., Ambrose A.
Brief Notes of Letters 6   Benedict

Registry of Names

There are many of these Alfords with the same name. Some of the same Alfords with the same name appear as many as three times throught out the ten sections. This registry is a work in progress as part of our effort to reconcile and clarify these names. In some cases the name may have been entered only to provide a link to a photo.

ID Name Section
A-1 Alfred the Great 1
B-1 Benjamin Franklin 1
B-2 Bartholomew Woodcock 1 & 7
_ & _
J-1 John 1
J-2 John 1
M-1 Micheal 1
M-2 Micheal
(same as above)
T-1 Thomas 1
W-1 William 1


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