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AAFA Home Page for James William "J.J." Johnson, #1189

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    J.J. is in an unusual situation in that with the surname Johnson he can participate in our Alford Surname DNA project.  That is because there was a time in his family history when his direct Alford ancestor changed his name to Johnson.  You can read about that in one of the articles listed later on this page.

    J.J. is listed as the contact for two different entries in the surname DNA data base at www.ysearch.org.  Under user IDs PNJR4 and RXBJJ one can learn that his most distant paternal ancestor is Charles Alford b. 1790 and died 1858 who originated in North Carolina. This is the data related to J.J.'s Alford cousin- PNJR4 as well as J.J. himself, RXBJJ.  J.J. is a 66/67 marker match with some of the AAFA members tested by Family Tree DNA. Armed with the information about his ancestor one should have no trouble identifying his entry on the Alford Surname project results page.

J.J.'s ahnentafel AAFA genealogy of J.J.s Alford branch

 Here is a list, with links, of some of articles J.J. has published in AAFA Action or otherwise presented by AAFA.

AAFA ACTION #55 Winter 2002 page 10 The Johnson-Alford Connection.  Written in support of his new member lineage which appeared in this issue. 4.5 pages
909 kb
AAFA ACTION #58 Fall 2002 page 20 Can Belle Newton Be Identified As Susan Isabelle Alford? 3.5 pages
226 kb
AAFA ACTION #58 Fall 2002 page 36 Getting to Know Robert F. Alford 3 pages
270 kb
AAFA ACTION #58 Fall 2002 page 56 The Johnson-Alford Connection. Published as a companion to the above article. Not the same as above similar named article published Winter 2002. 3 pages
265 kb
AAFA ACTION #61 Summer 2003 page 46 Charles Alford and Mary Elizabeth Tipton 4 pages
303 kb
AAFA ACTION #83 Winter 2009 page 4 Getting To Know Patrick Alford 5 pages
282 kb
AAFA ACTION #83 Winter 2009 page 62 On A Personal Note . . . 4 pages
89 kb
Not Published by AAFA (2012) How Does Elsa Allean Newton's "History" Indicate That Jim Johnson was Patrick Alford? 4 pages
81 kb
Not Published by AAFA (2013) Where Was Baby Jane In 1900? 5 pages
62 kb
Not Published by AAFA (2013) Why Might James William Johnson Hide His True Identity? 5 pages
63 kb

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