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Home page for Egbert Landon Alford, AAFA #0002

Landon, as can be determined by his member number, is a long time member of AAFA, but even before the association was formed, he was active in the Alford cause, usually manifested by Gil Alford's "About Alfords."  He has been most generous in contributions to AAFA in service, funds, and information.

Landon and his wife Phyllis worked with D.L. Alford, Jr. and his wife Catherine in the planning and execution of the highly successful 2nd AAFA annual meeting & reunion held in Houston, TX in October 1989. Many of those present were Landon's kin, whom he had influenced to attend the meeting. In the absence of any organized photographic effort, Landon did more than anyone else to capture the meeting on film.

Responding to AAFA's plea for Alford information, Landon acquired from the National Archives a copy of Rev. Josiah Alford's 1908 221 page Alford Family Notes, printed from microfilm. It provided AAFA with an extensive history of English Alfords.

On several occasions over the last 25 years Landon has collaborated closely with AAFA in upgrading the genealogy of his limb of the Alford tree. Each time he donated $100 to AAFA in appreciation for assistance rendered. In 1995 when AAFA introduced the "Centurion Group" which honored those donating $100 or more for the year, Landon lead the way. He is the only member who ever showed faith enough in the future of AAFA to have renewed his annual dues for ten years. In 1989 when it was suggested that AAFA acquire a computer rather than to depend upon that of members and a plea was made for donations, Landon was the only one to come forward with a donation. His was for $100. (The idea was soon abandoned.)



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