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Home page for Nancy Alford Dietrich, AAFA #0028

Nancy had been active in our Alford cause for about a year before AAFA was officially created.  In the original staffing of AAFA Nancy agreed to serve as Genealogist - Historian.  She continued as such until 1989 when she became the AAFA librarian and served as such until 2000 when Lynn Shelley took the job.  In 1988-89 she helped in setting up the ahnentafel or extended ancestor table project until George Miller took the project full time in 1989.  Nancy served on the board of directors from 1992-1996.  When AAFA sought the help of a professional Virginia researcher Nancy served as the point person for that project.  From 1989 until completion, Nancy was one of the more active participants in the AAFA Census project managed by Alicia Houston. Nancy was one of the all time top ten contributors of Alford data which initially was copies of published work from all over the country for use in the library and more recently in the submission of information converted the Alford content from Harllee's Kinfolks confusing reference system into hand written family group sheets and she did hundreds of these.  There are over 200 pages in her correspondence file.



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