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Mildred Joana Brock , AAFA #1142

1. Mildred Joana Brock was born Oct 11, 1933 in Lexie, Walthall County, MS and died Jul 8, 2021 in Tylertown, Walthall County, MS. She was a Teacher. Joana married General G. Breeland, Jr. on Dec 7, 1953 in Poplarville, Pearl River County, MS. General was born Jan 10, 1935 in Tylertown, Walthall County, MS and died there Feb 20, 1993. He was a Teacher and Administrator. Joana and General were buried in the Rushing Cemetery, Tylertown, Walthall County, MS.


2. Leslie William Brock was born Oct 9, 1908 in Walthall County, MS and died there Jan 16, 1975. Leslie married 3. Dollie Lura Smith on Jul 2, 1929. Dollie was born Oct 25, 1908 in Walthall County, MS and died there Jun 27, 1958. Leslie and Dollie were buried in the Tylertown Cemetery, Tylertown, Walthall County, MS.


6. William Vandon Smith was born Jul 28, 1880 in Walthall County, MS and died there Nov 15, 1932. William's 1st marriage was to Dixie Eugenia Smith on Feb 14, 1903. Dixie was born Jul 23, 1885 and died Aug 21, 1905. William's 2nd marriage was to 7. Frankie Leoda Alford on Sep 2, 1906 in Washington Parish, LA. Leoda was born Mar 9, 1888 in Washington Parish, LA and died there Nov 1, 1971. Leoda's 2nd marriage was to Levi Lee Hilburn on Mar 11, 1934 in Walthall County, MS. This was Lee's 2nd marriage, also. Lee was born Aug 22, 1880 in Mississippi and died there Apr 16, 1952. He was a Farmer. Lee was buried in the Centerville Cemetery, Lexie, Walthall County, MS. William, Leoda and Dixie were buried in the Smith Cemetery, Walthall County, MS.

Great Grandparents

14. Jeptha Martin Alford was born Jul 22, 1862 in Washington Parish, LA. and died there May 26, 1948. He was a Farmer. His 1st marriage was Sep 18, 1885 to 15. Frances "Fannie" Ophelia Purvis who was born Oct 9, 1870 in Mississippi and died Oct 3, 1896 in Washington Parish, LA. She was a housewife. His 2nd marriage was May 12, 1897 in Washington Parish, LA to Laura Jane Warner who was born Mar 8, 1871 in Washington Parish, LA and died Mar 31, 1939 in Washington Parish, LA. She was a housewife. All three are buried in the Jeptha Alford Cemetery, Washington Parish, LA.

Great Great Grandparents

28. John Seaborn Alford was born Oct 11, 1807 in Washington Parish, LA and died there Nov 15, 1891. He was a Farmer. He married, in 1834, 29. Margaret Brumfield who was born Feb 9, 1819 in Pike County, MS and died Sep 8, 1885 in Washington Parish, LA. They are buried in the Seaborn Alford Cemetery, Mount Hermon, Washington Parish, LA.

3rd Great Grandparents

56. Jacob Alford was born Aug 15, 1761 in Granville County (now Franklin County), NC and died Jul 16, 1824 in Washington Parrish, LA. He was a farmer. His 1st marriage was about 1784 in North Carolina to Elizabeth Bryant who was born in Jun 20, 1765 and died in 1789-92 in Cumberland County, NC. His 2nd marriage was about 1792 probably in Cumberland County, NC to 57. Frances (Frankie) Barksdale Seaborn who was born about 1763 in Virginia and died about 1859 in Washington Parrish, LA. Jacob and Frankie are buried in the Brock Cemetery, Washington Parrish, LA.

4th Great Grandparents

112. Julius Alford was born Sep 4, 1717 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, VA and died in Nov 1771 in Bute County, NC. He was a farmer. He was buried at the old Alford Family homestead, Granville County (now Franklin County), NC. He married 113. Lucy _____ who died after 1790 in Franklin County, NC.

5th Great Grandparents

224. James Alford was born about 1687 probably in New Kent County, VA and died there about 1730

6th Great Grandparents

448. John Alford was born about 1645 probably in Virginia and Mar 14, 1710 in New Kent County, VA.

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