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Deborah Alford, AAFA #1313

1. Deborah Alford was born {Private}. She married Thomas Edward Warren who was born {Private}.


2. Joseph "Jay" Walter Franklin Alford was born Jun 1, 1927 in Murfreesboro, Pike County, AR. He was a Construction Forman. He enlisted in the Air Corps Feb 14, 1946 and released from duty Feb 13, 1949. He married, on Sep 29, 1948 in Pike County, AR, 3. Norene Elizabeth Conaster who was born {Private} in Arkansas. Jay died in Sep 5, 2003 in Hot Springs, Garland County, AR and was buried in the Delight Cemetery, Delight, Pike County, AR.


4. Walter "Son" Alford was born Feb 4, 1901 in Daisy, Pike County, AR. He married, on Aug 11, 1926 in Pike City, Pike County, AR, 5. Susie Adelle Hutchings who was born Feb 13, 1910 in Pike County, AR and died May 24, 1996 in Bluffton, Wells County, IN. Walter died Oct 14, 1973 in Huntington, Huntington County, IN. They are buried in the Biggs Academy Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Nathan, Pike County, AR.

Great Grandparents

8. Joseph Riley Alford was born Mar 15, 1874 in Arkansas. He was a Farmer. His 1st marriage is unknpwn as he is listed in the Pike County, AR census dated June 15, 1900 as divorced. His 2nd marriage was Sep 1, 1901 in Pike County, AR to 9. Amanda E. "Mandy" O'Neal who was born in Oct 1879 in Pike County, AR, died in 1917 in a fire with some of her children and was buried in the Academy Cemetery, Nathan, Pike County, AR. This is also her 2nd marriage. Her 1st marriage was Jun 26, 1896 in Pike County, AR to James Christian who died before 1900. His 3rd marriage was Sep 3, 1922 in Pike County, AR to Lelia Tallant who was born about 1895. Joseph died Oct 3, 1941 in Arkansas and was buried in the Mount Joy Cemetery, Daisy, Pike County, AR.

Great Great Grandparents

16. Joseph David Alford was born May 5, 1844 in Monroe County, AR. He was a Farmer. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War from Dec 1863 through Mar 1864. His 1st marriage was to Martha Ellen Jourdon who was born in 1848 in Alabama and died in 1875. His 2nd marriage was to Delila "Puss" Jourdon who was born in 1849 and died in 1877. There is no record that Joseph was ever married to Martha Ellen (with whom he had two daughters) or Delila (with whom he had a son and a daughter). His 3rd marriage was in 1866 in Pike County, AR to Margaret Jourdon who was born in 1844 in Alabama and died in 1873 in Pike County, AR and was buried in the Jourdon Cemetery, Pike County, AR. His 4th marriage was in 1876 in Pike County, AR to 17. Elizabeth S. "Bettie" Jourdon who was born in 1841 in Alabama and died Sep 5, 1887 in Pike County, AR. His 5th marriage was Aug 17, 1888 in Montgomery County, AR to Martha Ann Anthony who was born Jul 27, 1871 in Hot Springs, Garland County, AR and died Mar 6, 1918 in Sawyer, Choctow County, OK. Joseph died Apr 8, 1910 in Choctaw County, OK and was buried in the Sawyer Cemetery, Sawyer, Choctaw County, OK.

3rd Great Grandparents

32. David Winston Alford, Jr. was born in 1823 in Alabama. He was a Farmer. He married, on Jan 4, 1844 in Monroe County, AR, 33. Mary Ann McMenis who was born circa 1825 in Tennessee and died in 1881 in Arkansas. David died May 4, 1864 in Pike County, AR. He was shot and killed by Rebel Scouts while home on furlough during the Civil War. They are buried in the Harts Chapel Cemetery, Curtis, Clark County, AR.

4th Great Grandparents

64. David Winston Alford, Sr. was born in 1785 in Virginia. He was a Farmer. He married, circa 1808 in Morgan County, AL, 65. Mary Ann "Polly" Orrick who was born in 1790 in South Carolina and died in 1860 in Pike County, AR. He served in two armed conflicts during the War of 1812. From November 5, 1813 until December 20, 1813 he served with Captain James Burleson's Company of Mounted Infantry (Gunmen), Madison County, Mississippi Territory Militia . for the defense of the frontiers of Madison County, Mississippi Territory to repel an invasion of hostile Creek Indians. From September 28, 1814 until March 27, 1815 he is listed as being in Captain Fleman Hodges' Company, Major William Russell's Separate Battalion Tennessee Volunteer Mounted Gunmen which participated in the storming and capture of Spanish Pensacola, Pensacola, Florida, on November 7, 1814. Toward the end of the war the unit was charged with rounding up renegade Creek Indians along the Escambia River. David died in 1860 in Pike County, AR.

5th Great Grandparents

128. Robert Alford was born in 1760 in England. He fought in the Revolutionary War and was with George Washington's army at the crossing of the Delaware. He also served in Captain Charles G. Johnson's Company in the 1st Regiment of Volunteer Mississippi Territory Volunteers during the War of 1812 from February 19, 1813 to February 18, 1814. He married, before 1785, 129. Susanna _____.

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